A Dream Comes to Life

Living life as a tourist isn’t such a bad thing. The fact that I’ve never really put down roots anywhere has shaped my mindset to always be wondering about what lies ahead, further down the road.

A few years ago the reality of growing older began to really settle in. I wondered what retirement would look like for my husband and me. Maybe, I thought, we’d move to a retirement friendly state. Maybe, we’d buy a small house, a tiny house, even. Or, maybe, we could sell our home and RV full-time. Yes, that would be exciting! I wondered if I could get my husband interested in such a venture.

He wasn’t opposed to it, as it turned out. That was enough for me to get to planning, because I love to plan things and plan ahead, way ahead.

So I looked into large Class A RVs. Their value depreciates so quickly that you can pick up a used one for fairly cheap. I figured if we live life on the road in the future I’d want all the comforts of home, most especially a washer and dryer.

But then again, maybe Class A is too large. So I looked at Class C RVs. No way you would fit a washer and dryer in one of those, but it would be smaller and easier to manuever.

What about Class B? No way!! A cramped little van? Uh-uh, no thanks!

Well, what about a fifth wheel, because a few of those even have a washer and dryer. You can detach your truck and drive it to see the sights.  No, many things I read on that said full-time RVing with a fifth wheel is just not favorable for many reasons.

Okay, so Class C seems to be the only viable option, or maybe a B+, but not B, no, not B.

Flash forward a couple of years later to present day. We will probably never be full-time RVers. We’ll always have a home base somewhere. And as for waiting to RV when we hit retirement, well, we’ve decided to start that on the earlier side. Because, who knows what will happen when we finally reach that time in our life. We might be going strong in great health. But when I look around, I see many people retire and suddenly lose their health or just die soon thereafter.

So we decided to get our dream RV early. And what did we decide on? A Class B van.FB_IMG_1537038174595